What Makes a Great Trade Show Stand!

Here at Clements we go crazy for Trade Shows, whenever our clients notify us of upcoming trade shows we are always keen to find the latest trends and bring innovative ideas to the stands we create. As trade shows are an expensive investment for companies it’s important that you can get a load of information out of the events and a good-looking trade show stand is the best place to start.

Trade show stands often come in a variety of varied sizes, from 10×10’ up to 200×400’. The location for these trade show stands is so important as businesses will want as much exposure as possible! Stands that are on the smaller size are often best placed on corners or on the end of lines instead of being squashed in-between much bigger stands where they won’t get as much exposure due to being crowded out by the bigger stands next to them.

For stands that are on the larger size it’s important that they are positioned on the main aisles where loads of people will be passing so they can maximise the interest in their stand. However, no matter how big or small your stand is it’s important that you can grab people’s attention! There are a few ways you can ensure this happens. Create bright engaging banners and graphics that will grab the attention of your target audience, this gains their initial attention. Also, being listed in the shows directory is a fantastic way for people to locate your stand.

A trade show stand is not going to sell itself either, you need staff that are always smiling as well as approachable. The staff are a representation of your brand! Uniforms are a fantastic way to look professional as a business as well as making it easier for visitors to know that they can ask you questions, good uniforms could include t-shirts or polos with your brand logo on which are cleaned, ironed and professional looking.

A clean stand is another crucial must have! People don’t want to see food wrappers and paperwork everywhere. Keeping the stand looking clean will also attract people’s attention! Staff members should also try to stand up as much as possible during events instead of sitting down working on their emails – this doesn’t give the best first impression to anyone.

Being prepared for a trade show event is so important, make sure that you are well stocked on business cards and leaflets so that you can give lots out for people to have both a point of contact and some more information about your brand/business. If you are going to be giving out any freebies at your stand make sure you have enough as people won’t like it if you say you have ran out! Samples of your product are a great item to give away as it provides visitors with a free trial of your product, its more than likely that if visitors like your trial product they will come back and buy it in the future.

Below you can see some of the trade show events that Clements have created for a variety of shows, we always work with our clients to achieve the best-looking stands we can whilst achieving all the above at the same time!