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Clements attended a POPAI seminar yesterday which was about the effects of light, sound and movement in marketing and POS. POPAI is a great networking organisation which Clements are a part of. Network events like the yesterday are a fantastic way of being introduced to new business and seeing what they have to offer.

If you go to www.popai.co.uk and sign up to become a member you can log in and access some of their excellent features! They have an ‘Insights library’ which is a filtered search portal full of a variety of different information which may be more beneficial to some rather than other however it’s still worth checking out. You can search through lots of features including; Photos, Case Studies and Presentations. For example, if you’ve had some merchandising or advertising created in the past for one of your projects you may be able to find photos of this being used in stores via this search portal. Along with this like previously mentioned you can find case studies and PowerPoints on a range of businesses and topics if you need to do some research.

Another great feature which could benefit you is the ‘Sustainability Calculator’ that is available on POPAI’s website. This calculator showcases a variety of materials and how sustainable they are, for example if you are asked by your clients to create a light weight but durable piece of merchandising then you can look through and compare varied materials against each other based on their sustainability factors. The closer the results are to the centre of the diagram means the more sustainable that material is.

Yesterday’s seminar was all about how light, sound and movement in advertising products can be both beneficial and an inconvenience to shoppers. From the research which POPAI conducted it turns out that using light is the best way to grab the shopper’s attention, just something you could maybe think about when designing products. Sound and movement both get positive and negative responses dependant on how they are used, as 87% of sales still come from brick and mortar shops it’s something to consider. All the presentations shown at POPAI seminars are put onto the POPAI website in the ‘Insights Library’ if you ever need to find them!

POPAI is a great networking company that are continuously delivering seminars on how businesses can better themselves and ultimately grow! The other e-courses on their website too so if you ever need to learn more about business then POPAI provide some great courses, plus you get 2 courses for free when you become a member. POPAI Awards is another great privilege that members receive, all members can enter any work they have done into a wide choice of categories and have the chance of winner. The awards night is always a good night out, what could be better than networking and relaxing?!