Clements Complete Latest Manfrotto Install At Park Cameras Store In Burgess Hill

Clements have been working with Manfrotto for their latest store install. Park Camera’s in Burgess Hill is all about photography, their inviting store contains some of the best camera’s available for all levels of photographers. They also have a wide selection of accessories including tripods, bags and lighting equipment. Clements have been working with Manfrotto to add an eye-catching section consisting of 7 wall bays, a corner section and 2 free standing units into the store which will show off their exclusive range of camera accessories.

In order to make this new Manfrotto section eye catching we have used the captive red colour which represents the Manfrotto brand as a base colour, which looks great along with the applied graphics at the top of the bays. We have added bright LED lights to the headers of the bays which add an effective glow to the panels. In addition, the TV’s have also been added into two of the wall bays that showcase short films about some of the products available to purchase and the potential of them. As part of our process this all gets approved by our client before anything is produced from an in-depth concept which is provided from a dedicated Account Manager.

Lastolite is a professional lighting company that is distributed by Manfrotto. There is a wall bay which shows off some of their lighting and reflective gear used within photography, samples of the products can be seen on display for all customers to look at. Similarly, Gitzo is a well-known for its professional range of tripods of premium statue. A small sample of tripods are situated in one of the wall bays underneath a TV which showcases a few of the brands products.

As well as wall bays, we have also built a couple of free standing display units which are for Manfrotto’s broad range of tripods and heads. The display allows the consumer to handle the products freely and test various types.

The pictures below show this finished project, the wall bays were made at Clements’ in house production facility with vinyl’s and graphics being added before being transported down to Burgess Hill and installed by our team. The finishing touches such as products and small branding vinyls were added on site which gives the completed look to the install.

A successful project from concept through to completion, working closely with Manfrotto to achieve the final outcome.

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