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We’re Nuts About Planters!

Planters are a relatively new brand to the UK formed in America as part of Kraft Heinz, They are crazy about nuts!

They offer a range of different flavoured nuts which provide great nutritional value as well as an amazing taste! They sell flavours that include Chili and Lime, Roasted and Peri Peri Peanuts for all people that like the spice. They also offer sharing bags which come available in all of the flavours, or you could even grab a ‘handy pack’ for all of you that don’t like sharing!

Fancy more of a traditional nut? not a problem, they also offer bags which include flavours such as dry roasted peanuts, lightly salted peanuts as well as salted cashews. For all of you more adventurous nut lovers out there then why not try Planters ‘Trial Mix’ bag? full off exciting combinations whether its nuts mixed with both raisins and chocolate raisins or their fruit and nut bags. So where can you find these amazing flavours? Planters sell their products on their  website and are now stocked in over 5000 stores UK wide.

Planters are massive in America, everybody knows about them. So it only makes sense for them to come to a fellow nation of nut lovers. They started with a large promotional campaign which featured a fun TV advert in total, a £2.5 million in media investments! In less than a year Planters have seen over £1 million returned via retail sales alone making them the third biggest grocery nut brand.

Clements have helped design, build and installed the Planters exhibition which is situated in Victoria station, London. Check our the handy work in the pictures below! Also WHSmiths are currently advertising a full size wrap surrounding their shop front to help Planters spread their brand awareness.  

Source: Talking Retail